A Night to Remember: WWE Live Manila was worth the wait

After waiting for 7 long years, finally, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has returned to Manila.

WWE Live Manila took place last night, September 9, which came with a powerful stack of WWE Superstars and extra-spectacular moves that highlighted the show. Every punch, kick, and even every death-defying act surely took the cheers and boos of the Manila WWE universe. Seeing their favorite superstars in the flesh either for the first time or not, there can be no doubt that this is definitely a night to remember.

Here are the following WWE Live Event results from last night’s show:

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Right after the announcer opened the show, Cesaro came out to a very huge pop. Just hearing his entrance theme just made the crowd go crazy that this is really happening. Then Sheamus’ came out with loud boos. Their match started with a little back and forth action, then came to near fall counts. Of course the match won’t end without the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro placed the Sharpshooter on Sheamus to get the tap out win. Even though they have a best-of-seven series, this match didn’t count as Sheamus has the 3-1 advantage.

Winner: Cesaro via Submission


Braun Strowman vs. Goldust

On what somehow expected as a squash match from Braun Strowman, the Manila crowd went nuts as Goldust came out as the opponent. Even though the match was slow paced, it was definitely entertaining. Goldust made an effort by putting the big man down but he passed out when Braun Strowman put on the bear hold.

Winner: Braun Strowman via TKO


Neville vs. Curtis Axel w/ Bo Dallas

The high-flying Neville didn’t disappoint as he performed many moves coming from the top rope.

He bested out Curtis Axel by electrifying the crowd with his speedy reversals, dives, and somersaults.

Though the match was fast-paced and fit for Neville, Curtis Axel made sure that Neville would not prevail that easily. With Bo Dallas in his side, they continued to garner boos from the crowd as they manage to turn the tide. The leader of the “BO-LIEVE” movement helped Axel by distracting Neville at times. The match came to an end with Neville hitting the Red Arrow on Axel for a huge pop from the crowd.

Winner: Neville via Pinfall


Triple Threat Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day vs. Gallows and Anderson vs. The Shining Stars

As expected, tag team champs The New Day which comprises Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E went hugely over the Manila crowd as they went out. Chants of “New Day Rocks” was heard almost endlessly even as the match went down. Along with their silly antics, crazy dance moves, and funny interactions, The New Day clearly made it visible that they were the ones to be heavily cheered on.

For the most part of the match, it was Xavier Woods who got tossed between Gallows and Anderson and Primo and Epico. Not until Big E got the tag from Woods and started the mayhem for the rest that made the match to be in The New Day’s favor. They hit the Midnight Hour for the hard-earned 1-2-3.

Winner: The New Day via Pinfall (retained the titles)


John Cena vs. Big Show


One of the highlights of the night, Big Show came out first as the crowd were astounded by his huge size. Then the face that runs the place and the Doctor of Thuganomics himself, John Cena came out with a very huge pop but with a mixed reaction. Fans chanting: “Let’s Go Cena! Cena Sucks!” was heard all over the MOA Arena. The match started with Big Show overpowering Cena because of his large physique. But then Cena, blow-by-blow, and even with a sleeper hold on the Big Show, eventually made the giant to go down on his knees. Just when Cena was gaining momentum, he was then overpowered again. Cena was put into the corner lying down, Big Show then climbed up to the second rope. He was getting ready for a second rope splash, but in a crazy turn of events, the second rope SNAPPED! Big Show landed hurt on his butt while the crowd scream “This is awesome!” chants. Cena knew that it was the opportunity he needed. Cena landed the Five Knuckle Shuffle then the Attitude Adjustment on Big Show for the easy win.

Winner: John Cena via Pinfall

(Right after the match, the show was put on break as the second rope was fixed)


WWE Women’s Championship

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

After the break, the Manila crowd was in for a big one. Sasha Banks was to try and get back the title from Charlotte. Sasha Banks came out with a huge reaction and was easily the favorite.  The match was nothing more but amazing. They took breaths from the fans by their move reversals and very near pinfalls. They exchanged blows and made signature moves but the most notable were the “WOOOOOOOOHH” chants every time Charlotte would hit Ric Flair chops to Sasha. Sasha then would hit Charlotte with Bank Statement that would somehow end the match but Charlotte made it to the ropes. In what was already a great match, Charlotte got the steal win by roll-up with her feet on the ropes.

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall (retained the title)


Roman Reigns vs. Chris Jericho


Clearly the star of the entire evening, Chris Jericho came out with “Y2J” chants from the crowd.

And then one of the best, and extremely funny heel promos that ever happened was delivered by Jericho before the match. He started off by shutting up the crowd because of the “Y2J” chants. Fans would respond by chanting even louder. He then goes to say that it has been 7 or 8 years since he was in Manila. Fans then performed the “WHAT?” chants for every word he said. He said to don’t do that WHAT? crap on him. Jericho said that he hopes that it would take again 7 to 8 years for him to be back because the Philippines stinks. This was the time when the crowd chanted “DUTERTE! DUTERTE!” on Jericho which made him acknowledge it and say “Digong”. Next, he turned to the crowd and said “What did you just say? I’m a GAGO?” which the crowd had a huge laugh. He then said “Listen man, I don’t know what a gago is, but if you’re calling me gago, it must be good thing”. Gago chants start to spread and big laughs were heard. Out came Roman Reigns to a very mixed reaction from the crowd. The funny heel antics by Jericho were still displayed with Reigns. The match was really long but it was really, really good. With many near falls and counters, the match ended with a Roman Reigns spear to Jericho.

Winner: Roman Reigns via Pinfall


Triple Threat Match for the WWE Universal Championship

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn


The main event was clearly the one to watch out for. It was definitely the match of the night with many signature moves, very near falls, high flying acts, and OMG Moments. The match was slow at first because of Owens always getting out of the ring to avoid Seth and Sami. Then the match eventually caught up to their fast-paced moves. In the end, Rollins caught a Helluva Kick from Sami Zayn but Kevin Owens hit him with the Pop-up Powerbomb to retain the Universal Title. That didn’t stop there, Owens then beat the hell out of Sami Zayn but was stopped by the Architect, Seth Rollins. Rollins then hit The Pedigree on Owens for a huge pop form the crowd. Sami Zayn asked Rollins to shake his hand but Seth was reluctant at first. He then finally shook Zayn’s hand and the crowd went nuts. Manila obviously smells a babyface turn for Seth Rollins.

Winner: Kevin Owens via Pinfall (retained the title)


WWE Live Manila was definitely one of the best shows I have ever seen. They didn’t disappoint in delivering entertainment and drama to the Manila crowd. It was a win-win situation for the WWE and for the fans as well. They received excitement and great reactions from us and we’ve got a time of our lives with their show. Considering the rarity of them coming over here compared with the ticket prices, I wouldn’t mind watching them again the next time around they’re here in the Philippines.



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