Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle

The second day of the most awaited comic convention in the Philippines, AsiaPop Comicon has brought the inner geek of all attendees. With a sudden increase in number of attendees, APCC gave what the fans what they want. Contests are held thru their Facebook page and some of them won an autograph/photograph sessions with the Hollywood guests.

Everywhere you go you can see a lot of cosplayers roaming around the event and someone caught our attention. We met the cool cosplayer Rj, an avid fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.


Unlike any other TMNT cosplayers his costume is a bit more animated and jolly. Con-goers like his portrayal of Michelangelo who is a party dude and almost everybody took a picture with him.

Look at that shoes!

What’s more interesting in his costume is he’s wearing a Dr. Martens! We just found out that he also love Dr. Martens shoes. Due to his coolness, we made a video to catch him with me as Pokemon Trainer Red.

Rj as Raphael and me as Red

Here’s the link of our video with the ninja squirtle!


APCC already ended last August 28 stay tuned for our coverage of the event.



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