Upcoming update: Marvel Future Fight v 2.4

The hit mobile game “Marvel Future Fight” announced additional information regarding the  upcoming update. Earlier CM Nightnurse posted at http://www.mobirum.com what are we going to expect in the game.

▶New Log-in Rewards

New set of log-in rewards base on the new demands of the game. Expect tier 2 materials to be added in rewards.

▶World Boss Mode Improvements

1. Team bonus button is added to the World Boss menu allowing you to quickly set teams with bonuses.

2. A menu has been added showing you the Striker bonuses for all characters, and not just the ones you have

3. Exit/retry button has been added, however this will not pause the game.

Photo from mobirum.com


No need to play Story Missions in order to unlock a Dimension Rift.
Got a Dimension Rift for a character you don’t need? You will be able to reroll the Dimension Rift for a small fee so you can find the character you are looking for!

Additional bonuses to Dimension Rifts, including a Bonus Bar that will give some extra rewards when you and your friends run the mission.

▶Alliance Tournament

A new way to Rank alliances will be released. Are you ready for the challenge of Alliance Tournaments?

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Marvel Future Fight available at playstore and appstore


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