‘ONCE’ Frozen arc reveals cast

‘Frozen’ arc cast has been named for ABC’s Once Upon a Time Season 4. Announcing, Queen Elsa of Arendalle— Georgina Haig!

Haig is a Fringe alumni, who’ll be Once’s chilling anti-hero.

Earlier, it was revealed that Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster have been cast in the arc’s significant roles: as Anna and Kristoff, respectively.

After the events of Season 3 wherein Emma and Hook came back from the past due to Wicked’s time-travel portal, along came a jar that bears Elsa who is seemingly trapped/imprisoned inside and accidentally opened.

It will be revealed that Elsa still has no control of her chilling powers and enough to, at least, unleashed upon her kingdom to eternal winter. With that, she realized that the key to holding on to her powers and eventually controlling it, is obviously true love from the bond with her sister Ana. The question now is, how will Elsa cope up with her powers as she was transported to a time and place she is not aware of— away from her sister? Will she be a threat to Storybrook as she continue to project inability to control her unstable powers?


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