Ann and Chris will leave Pawnee

Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) and Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe) will leave Pawnee, Indiana on the sixth season of Parks and Recreation.

They will likely end up riding off into the sunset with Lowe’s character; had an on/off relationship since season 3. Both characters will depart on the 13th episode,  Buzzfeed reported.

Both actors will continue to be busy: Jones has a development deal with Warner Bros. Television with her Celeste & Jesse Forever writing partner, Will McCormack; Lowe will play John F. Kennedy in NatGeo’s upcoming Killing Kennedy and will surely pop up on series television again in the future.

Jones was one of the show’s original cast members, but Lowe joined in the second season. Both of them have a history of leaving hit shows—  Jones left The Office to help launch Parks and Recreation, while Lowe left both The West Wing and Brothers and Sisters during their runs in spite of playing a key role in both shows.

Parks and Recreation premieres its sixth season on September 26 with an hour-long premiere that features guest stars Heidi Klum, Henry Winkler and Lucy Lawless.


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