Nicki Minaj endorses Mitt Romney

Nicki Minaj let her political flag fly on the fifth track of Lil Wayne’s mixtape Dedication 4, wherein the pop star announces in no uncertain terms that she’s voting for Mitt Romney.

During the track “Mercy,” Minaj rhymes:

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches are fucking up the economy.”

Nicki, who has lashed out at President Obama on Twitter regarding health care, seems not to have issue over the source of the beat she’s rhyming over, which happens to be Kanye West, who happens to be an avid supporter President Obama.

I won’t get into the political fine points, or even the much broader “holy shit are you out of your mind?” points – but suffice to say even without discussing women’s rights, Medicare or staggering tax divides between haves and have nots, Minaj’s declaration is a fascinating development in the world of Hip-Hop, which has been almost ubiquitously in support of President Obama since the 2008 presidential elections. One wonders if there’s greater evidence of staggering ignorance or self-hatred at play here.

Let’s break it down a bit. The Harajuku Barbie herself tweeted not too long ago that health care in America “should be a God given right! Even with Obama Care, too much involved. Just give FREE health care to all. @BarackObama what can we do?”
 – Free health care to all, she says, while publicly casting her vote for a Gordon Gecko-modeled Republican in one of the most extreme political polarities of our time. Wonders never cease.

She added: “@BarackObama I wouldn’t mind the millions they took if it was going to healthcare. Why should a poor person struggle to pay for MEDS sir?”
 Paul Ryan is casting a curious side-eye as he prepares his Medicare and Social Security blades.

The tide of backlash is undoubtedly rising for miss Minaj, but if the conversation can raise the collective pop culture consciousness from the cesspool of distractionism and the warm embrace of apathetic idiocy, I’m for it.

It’s just a shame the track didn’t leak before the Republican National Convention, or we’d have had some potentially fascinating entertainment crossover.

(Story by Crave Online)


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    1. joshoncreek says:

      or should it be, s2pid hoe? haha!

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