The Voice Season 3

The Voice season 3 will see a couple major format changes, including the ability for the mentors to “steal” each other’s team members during the battle rounds.

After the Blind Auditions, where the mentors spent time swiveling their big red chairs, the show moves on to Battle Rounds when the mentors challenge a pair of their mentees in a head-on battle which one would stay in this musical battle. And to make it more exciting, if a coach opts to send home a contestant during the battle round, the other coaches have the ability to push their button and Steal the losing contestant by adding the singer to his/her team. If more than one coach hits their big red buzzer, same as in the blind audition round, the singer will choose the coach they want to join. Each coach will possess two opportunities to Steal, raising their team from eight to ten contestants.

During the new Knockout Round, which will happen after the new-and-improved Battle Rounds, instead of singing an antagonistic duet, the mentor’s team members will be pitted against each other in back-to-back solos. Again, each coach will pick one contestant to stay and one to eliminate, taking each of their teams from ten members to five.


With the exciting changes comes the exciting new mentors fromm the 4 coaches: Billie Joe Armstrong, Greenday frontman for Team Christina; Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty for Team Cee Lo; crooner Michael Buble for team Blake and R&B superstar Mary J. Blige for Team Adam.

Catch the all-new dynamics of The Voice as the coaches weigh in on what to expect as the third season unfolds starting Monday, September 10th.

Source:  Buddy TV



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