Japanese rock group covers ‘Narda’

A Japanese rock group set to perform in the Philippines in September has released a cover version of Kamikazee’s hit song “Narda”. The video was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday.

Uchusentai Noiz (or Uchuu Sentai Noiz, as they are listed in Wikipedia) is a “visual kei” rock band known for their energetic music, which mixes punk, pop, metal, and electronica, colorful cosplay-like outfits, and wild, onstage antics.

Visual kei is Japan’s answer to glam rock. It is said to be a movement among Japanese musicians defined by the use of make-up, elaborate hairstyles and flamboyant costumes, often characterized by androgynous aesthetics.

Uchusentai Noiz will perform in Davao City on September 7 (Station91) and September 8 and 9 (SM City Davao parking lot).

The text introducing the music video says they will perform in Manila on September 15 and 16 but provides no further details.

(Source: Interaksyon)


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  1. shanyangsg says:

    its my favorite rocking music group, and loving Japanese rock group covers ‘Narda’

    mp3 download

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