Man Interviews His 12-Year Old Self

Talking to yourself to the mirror might have been the closest you could get, but how about talking to your younger self— not in front of the mirror but through a vcr? Brilliant Jeremiah McDonald, filmmaker and actor, experienced that process — in a way — thanks to a video tape he made for his future self back in 1992.

Twenty years later, McDonald sewed together footages of himself in 1992 and in 2012 (he’s 12 and 32 years old respectively.)

The result of the process is a hilarious, nifty and heartrending video that somehow shows he’s actually talking to his 12-year old self.

To this age of YouTube, rarely you could find such brilliance and wit of filming himself in the past and produce a challenging video in the future such as this.

Although there are a lot of differences, for obvious reasons, there’s one thing that binds them together— Dr. Who, which the future MCDonald did a reference by not “blinking” as to where the past McDonald didn’t picked up. That reference pertains to the episode of Dr. Who, “Blink” which features similar time-traveling video conversation.


Watch the Dr. Who reference, here:


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