Higgs Boson Particle according to Dr. Sheldon Cooper

On “The Bozeman Reaction” (S03E15) of  The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper plays pictionary with Lenard and Penny. Knowing Sheldon, can they guess the topic?

Scene: The apartment. Sheldon is drawing picture clues on his whiteboard.

Penny: Um… three little kittens? Three little pigs? God, I don’t know. Star Wars?

Leonard: Did we win? Can we go to bed?

Sheldon: Good Lord, I could not have made this easier. Hydrogen atom, H, plus pigs minus pea, Higgs. Bow, General Zod trapped in the Phantom Zone. Bow-zone. Pear. Tickle. Pear-tickle. Higgs Boson Particle. How could you not get that?

Leonard: He’s right, Penny. It’s all there.

Penny: Look, Sheldon, sweetie, I know you’re feeling insecure, but we’ve really got to go to sleep.


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