“Crazy in Love” parody

Nothing beats the creativity of Filipinos. Who would think someone could dance in almost impossible places? This “Crazy in Love” parody features clips from various landmarks and places— from Metro Rail Transit (MRT) to a jeepney and from Bonifacio Shrine to Quezon Bridge.

The lead actor (Terry Gian, who is on the same batch with Pokwang on the defunct segment Clown in a Million of Yes Yes Show on ABS-CBN) who portrays Beyoncé is so hilarious that he crack jokes out of simple and ordinary situations. Quite a few have been doing routines inside MRT but no one dares to dance and roll over the rail tracks of Philippine National Railway (PNR).

If Bourne Legacy utilized the Jones Bridge, well our local Beyoncé explores the Quezon Bridge between Quiapo and Lawton. Other notable hilarious scenes are from the Bonifacio Shrine, the jeepney barking and the barbeque vending scenes.

The video, which is incredibly produced in high definition, is definitely one of the best local parodies on Youtube today. Published on Jun 30, 2012 by 143statement, it has already viewed 43,618 times as of this writing and of favorable reviews by users.

Director Ian Galsim and his team did a great job on this video.

“Crazy in Love” is the debut single by R&B singer-songwriter Beyoncé Knowles, featuring rapper and now-husband Jay-Z.

Few months back, the Galsim-Gian tandem introduced us another Beyoncé hit, “Best Thing I Never Had”.


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