Like the phoenix, she’ll rise again

With the approaching “third act” of Avengers vs. X-Men with issue #9, Marvel Comics claims that “there can only be one”— obviously pointing the return of a familiar face in Marvel universe.

The Phoenix Force, based from the teaser image and the first look at an exclusive pipece of art obtained by Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con issue by Marvel CEO Joe Quesada, shows Jean Grey in her vintage blue and yellow X-Men outfit as Marvel Girl on the early X-Men series. This may show the return of one of the most popular Marvel characters.

And with that, rumor has it that Marvel is preparing for their relaunch, calling it Marvel Now!. And from the looks of it, it’s similar to DC’s New 52 last year, with a number of their biggest titles start over with new #1 issues later this year or early next.

Bleeding Cool has been running a number of stories, detailing rumoured relaunch titles, such as Wolverine by Frank Cho, Uncanny Avengers by Remender and Opena, Hickman and Ribic on Avengers, Nova with Ed McGuinness, Fraction and Larocca on Fantastic Four, Gillen and Land on Iron Man, John Romita Jr. and Rick Remender on Captain America, Bendis and Immonen on X-Men… and more but so far all they are, are rumours.

Going back, the image suggests that Phoenix Force won’t stay with its unruly mob of hosts for long will have to find a single body to inhabit. The issue that will kick off the month of August for Marvel and the massive finale for the story that’s six months in the making leaves a  question— who will the Phoenix choose?


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