Fringe S03E20: “6:02AM EST”

The doomsday machine activates itself, as Walter suggests that our world is self-deteriorating.

Glyph of the week: AGENT.


Over in the alternate universe, Walternate and evilBrandon have devised a method of turning on “the machine” using DNA extracted from Fauxlivia’s child. There plan has not gone unnoticed, however, as the machine is emitting enough abnormal signals to set off the highest alert for the Fringe Team. They arrive on site at Liberty Island, but are sent home by Walternate. It’s enough for Fauxlivia to realize that Walternate has turned on his doomsday device and she confronts him about it. He lectures her about ethics, and then sends her on her way. Fauxlivia decides that Peter is the only one who can stop Walternate’s plan (or maybe she just wants him with her in the surviving universe), so she sneaks onto Liberty Island. She confronts evilBrandon and has him show her how to cross over into our universe (because apparently she forgot how she did it last time). He gives her a canister to use — but it doesn’t work (faulty? Or was evilBrandon lying?) — and she is captured and locked up in one of the cells used earlier in the season to house the real Olivia.

In our world, Nina frantically calls Agent Broyles to inform him that our version of “the machine” has turned on all by itself. Walter realizes that this means that Walternate must have turned on hismachine, which caused the one in our universe to switch because of “quantum entanglement”. Peter decides that because the machine is keyed to him, he has the best chance of switching if off. Unfortunately, as he tries to touch the machine, it sends him crashing across the room, unconscious. As the episode ends, he remains comatose.

Because of the activation of the machine (or machines), strange things have been happening in our universe. A dimensional vortex appears and destroys a large swath of farmland, including two ranchers and large herd of sheep. There’s radio interference and swarms of locusts. A strange aurora appears in the skies at night.

Sam, the strange bowling alley proprietor who has some connection to the First People, realizes something bad is going on. He disappears and Olivia spends most of the episode trying to track him down, only to have him show up on her doorstep at the end telling her he needs to see “the machine”.

On the other side, Fauxlivia wanted to fix things therefore wanted to go back to our universe.

Walter’s prayer for his crime against God is superb as he wanted to suffer for the redemption of the world and spare it for what he have done.

Walter thought that if he is the key to activate it, then he must know how to deactivate it. But that is not what happened after he touched the machine. The machine rejected Peter as if it is protecting itself.


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