Ziggy Marley and Marijuanaman

Marijuanaman debuts this week from Image Comics, the brainchild of singer Ziggy Marley, with assistance by writer Joe Casey and artist Jim Mahfood. MTV Geek caught up with Marley recently at WonderCon and chatted with him about his first comic book project:

“He’s (Marijuanaman) up against an evil pharmaceutical company and their villain Cash Money, and they have this whole battle because the pharmaceutical company wants to keep selling the artifical stuff and the eco-guys want to use he natural stuff…but he’s just a superhero just like Superman and any of those guys. His powers come from a plant.”

Marley had praise for his fellow talents on the project, saying of Mahfood’s work: “I really love his art…it’s deep, it’s deeper than just drawing figures.” As for Casey, Marley first ran into his work in a very interesting way:

“One day I was reading a comic with Superman and Batman, and I saw this dialogue that had some lyrics from my father, and I was like, ‘who wrote this?’ So I flipped back to the front and Joe Casey’s name was on it; and so I said he must be the right guy, because he understood the philosophy.”


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