Jay Tablante’s Les Femme Fatales

From left to right: Solenn Heussaff as X-23, Daiana Menezes as Black Queen, Kirja Parcell as White Queen and Rhian Ramas as Rogue.

Fashion photographer Jay Tablante has created a stunning cosplay exhibit featuring several of today’s hottest stars as his muses, all dressed to kill—as superheroes, video game heroines, and comic book villains.

The all-female photo exhibit meticulously recreates each character for the camera and combines Tablante’s fascination for comics, video games, and anime with a graphically-charged interpretation of signature female characters from his “geeky imagination.”

The photo exhibit is an all-female which recreates each character and combines Tablante’s fascination for comics, video games and anime that trancends his geeky-ness.

Les Femme Fatales ran last February 22 – March 6, 2011 at The Crucible Gallery, 4/f Mega Building A, SM Megamall and the proceeds from the exhibit will go to the Vincentian Missionaries Social Development Foundation.

Jay Tablante is even featured on Marvel citing:

I’m a frustrated illustrator. Ever since I was a kid when I started my little collection, I’ve always wanted to draw like the artists in comic books. I enrolled myself in art classes over the summers (in grade school and high school) back then, invested in a drawing board, countless sketch pads, pencils and inks, and just tried to draw away. Although I think I did some decent classic work on charcoal, craypass and water color, however I just can’t seem to get my hold on comics and the sketchy cross-hatch style–plus of course the exaggeration on human anatomy.

He even collaborated with seasoned Marvel artist, fellow Filipino, Carlo Pagulayan. View all of Tablante’s work here.


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