Have you been Sucker Punch-ed?

Have you been Sucker Punch-ed?

Sexy girls, robots, shoguns, airships, guns, blades, lollipops, dragons and skimpy uniforms.

Why is everyone so disappointed with the film where in fact, it doesn’t promise to snag an Oscar? Or maybe because, the movie is so effective that some of the audience were hit by the face— been sucker punched.

Sucker Punch is not for the faint-hearted and the average movie-goer. The story follows Babydoll’s planned escape from the mental institution that takes her to places/levels outside of reality. She is taken into the Lennox House of the Mentally Insane by her stepfather after Babydoll accidentally killed her sister and almost killed her stepfather and waits to be wrongfully lobotomized in five days.

In one of her fantasy worlds, the mental hospital becomes a cathouse owned by the mob. Within five days, the man who is adressed as High Roller will come to see her dance and take her virginity. As Babydoll is performing an exotic dance at the cathouse, the scene then transitions to what appears to be feudal Japan, when she finds out she must collect five items to aid her escape. The fifth item is not revealed until the end of the film, but is described as a “great sacrifice”.

To escape, she will be helped out with fellow patients/dancers, Blondie, Amber and teh sisters Rocket and Sweet Pea.

Watching Sucker Punch is like watching anime, soft porn and a Chuck Norris film all the same time.

The cinematography and imagery projected throughout the film are can be associated with that of an anime, maybe because of the girls’ skimpy uniforms and the fight sequences which are concealed yet typical storyline. It should not come as a surprise that for a film where visuals take precedent over character development and engaging story progreesion, Sucker Punch’s action scenes are fast-paced and epic in scale. It’s a relief that Sucker Punch soundtrack is stronger in this aspect of the production. Adding Emily Browning’s vocals in some of the songs used in the film is intriguing and interesting.

The movie is like Black Swan,  Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus or even Donnie Darko, to which have certain audience bracket . Some may like this and others may not. Don’t dwell much on the critics and their criticisms. As long as you enjoyed the movie, just make sure endure yourself, avoid being sucker punched.


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