NAIA: One of the Top Worst Airport in the World

NAIA is listed as 5th worst airport in the world, according to

“The worst airport on the planet. It has to be experienced to be believed. Think of a bombed out ruin and you’ll get some idea.” (Brenty)

“I’ve been to almost all the airports in the worlds but i just cant compare Manila Airport to those rising 3rd world countries. Seem that NAIA is left out in the DARK age.” (TPMAN 199)

“If you find a seat be prepared to defend it at all costs!” (Big Tone)

“Philippines Airport = not very nice (except for the new terminals of PAL). Overnight in a Manila Airport = NO NO NO” (Seb)

“That airport employees are the worst money hustlers around.” (Steven)

“Everywhere everyone asks for bribes. Never offer them anything. Act as if you do not know what they are saying and just walk past them. ” (Native Filipino)

These are only some the comments pertaining to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) as one of the top worst airports in the worldof 2010 according to

To complete the list of the Worst Airports of 2010:

1. Paris Charles de Gaulle
2. Paris Beauvais
3. Moscow Sheremetyevo
4. Los Angeles
5. Manila

While Changi Airport (Singapore) remains to be the well-loved and best airport in the world:

Best Airports of 2010

1. Singapore Changi
2. Seoul Incheon
3. Hong Kong
4. Amsterdam Schiphol
5. Munich


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  1. Roy Fabros says:

    Of course!!! That is not surprising in a nation whose culture is corruption,immorality & violece a shamelless heritage from Spiain, llargely having to do with people’s rwligious culture, ie Catholucism ,as un South American countries, and almost 100% catholic countries around the world. Catholucism is not necessrily Christianity

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