Despite Manila’s pleas: China executes 3 Filipinos

SHENZHEN, China – China executed on Wednesday three Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking despite a flurry of public appeals for clemency in the Philippines, and days after Amnesty International slammed Beijing’s sweeping use of the death penalty.

The three, two women and a man, were caught smuggling several kilograms of heroin each into China in 2008. Under Chinese law, the trafficking of at least 50 grammes of any illicit drug is punishable by death. “It is a sad day for us, up to the last minute we were doing everything we can to postpone the execution,” Vice President Jejomar Binay said in a radio interview from Qatar.

He said he sent an appeal on Tuesday asking to keep the Filipinos alive while Manila investigated new evidence that could have proved the innocence of at least one or two of the three.

“The sad part is China did not grant our request and proceeded with the execution of the three Filipinos,” said Binay, who flew to Beijing in February and gained a brief delay of the death sentences.


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  1. buzzymind says:

    the fil gov again failed to safeguard its countrymen. how embarassing.condolences to the families who are now grieving.

    1. joshoncreek says:

      what the government can do now is to set clearer guidelines as to what they should do the next time it happens again. fyi, as the 3 filipinos where executed, the president is in the meeting with the cardinals for the rh bill.

      my condolonces also to the bereaved family.

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