Lady Gaga feat. M-E-L (Money Evil Liar)

Since all presidentiables are all dying to get the people’s votes, why not they hire… Lady Gaga?

Labeled, Presidential Gaga, all the cuts from the album were all made possible by presidentiables and vice-presidentiables whom they contributed their unique skills and talent in rapping, acting, singing, and nothing.

Track 3: Beautiful, Sexy, Rich – Lady Gaga feat. M-E-L (Money Evil Liar)

Lady Gaga feat. M-E-L (Money Evil Liar)

To gain much more popularity Manny Villar is renamed after such hit artists: Wu Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Rage Against the Machine… thus giving birth to Money Evil Liar or simply, M-E-L (an allegory of his name).

This video will tackle most of Lady Gaga’s adventures of fame and fortune. Tracing down the loft of M-E-L, they both pay gangsters to gun-down everyone just to achieve each other. The video also features M-E-L’s subdivisions and for the first time will feature the whole C5 Extension Road.


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  1. Damon Osika says:

    I really like Lady Gaga and her bizarre costumes although she really let herself down now being seen out in see through undergarments.

  2. Round Mirror says:

    Lady Gaga is the best female popstar, forget about Britney Spears. britney does not even come close to gaga ~.*

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