If you're an emo, get out of here!

The universe is a vast and complex system. Coincidental, serendipitous events are bound to occur. Indeed they are to be expected. It’s part of the pattern. Part of the plan.

Sometimes I think (but not doubted) of having no God or gods, singular or plural. That there are no large invisible men and women in the sky taking a personal interest in the fortunes of Josh Esposo.

A man takes responsibility for his actions, right or wrong. He accepts the consequences and lives with them everyday.

This may signal my abrupt-return to this world. But not in full-time. I’ll still see you all some time.


4 Comments Add yours

      1. Rogie says:

        mabuhay ang emo! hahaha

  1. joshoncreek says:

    natuwa ka pa talaga rogie, eh no? haha!

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