Presidential Gaga presents: Lady Gaga featuring Noy

Since all presidentiables are all dying to get the people’s votes, why not they hire… Lady Gaga?

Labeled, Presidential Gaga, all the cuts from the album were all made possible by presidentiables and vice-presidentiables whom they contributed their unique skills and talent in rapping, acting, singing, and nothing.

Track 1: Paparazzi – Lady Gaga feat. Noy

Paparazzi - Lady Gaga feat. Noy

Yes. Noy (shorter nick of Noynoy Aquino as his sister, Kris calls him.) is a revelation with his unique rapping style through his latest campaign tv ad. The whole concept of the music video is, while Lady Gaga sings the entire song, Kris and James Yap will act as themselves in portrayal of the “husband cheating on his wife”. James will be caught by Kris several times flirting with girls but what makes Kris angry is on a  girl who sent text “messages of comfort” and even inviting James to come over at their place. The height of the video is the confrontation of the two girls which resulted into a nearly-break-up of Kris and James but eventually reconcilled once more as their son, Baby James blurted out “Noynoy”. Kris and James laugh at each other, sealing their reconciliation. Noy will be seen as doing anything on the entire music video. Once he will be seen as a gardener, then a mailman, then a chair then finally a lampshade .


8 Comments Add yours

  1. maxie padilla says:

    bagay nga kay Noy ang PAPARAZZI dahil kay Kris…hehehe

    sa palagay u..ano namn bagay kay villar?

  2. joshoncreek says:

    bagay kay villar? abangan mo sa susunod… haha!

  3. bernce says:

    wala bang credits dyan… hahahahaha i helped out too… hahahaha

  4. joshoncreek says:

    o sige na nga…

    Title suggested by Bernce… haha!

  5. joshoncreek says:

    mali pala, ako rin pala nag-isip ng title.. naki-brainstorm lang si bernce.. wehe…

  6. john patrick coprado says:

    Ganda ng pagkakagawa,Nyo

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