P!nk Glitters in the Air

With just scotch tapes and glitters, P!nk is all set to amaze her audience at the recent Grammys, performing her single, "Glitters in the Air".

P!nk‘s perfomance at the recent Grammy’s is one hell of a performance! Maybe being threatened with Lady Gaga’s performances, still P!nk remains to know how to awe her audience.

Performing her hit, Glitter in the Air.

Now, who wanted to have human chimes? Anyone?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ray-Ann says:

    at ang ganda pala ng boses nya ahhh. ngayon ko lang napansin

  2. Josh says:

    huy, maganda talaga boses nya… rough-rough-an… hehe…

  3. Ray-Ann says:

    oo nga. nagulat nga ako eh.

  4. Josh says:

    tapos magaling pa sya sumayaw.. hanapin mo yung vid nya sa Michael Jackson tribute nya… galinG!

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