(My) Top 20 Movies 0f 2009

Up Movie Poster
UP is my favorite movie for 2009.

Here is my list on (My) Top 20 Movies of 2009:

1. UP
2. Avatar
3. Inglourious Basterds
4. Watchmen
5. District 9
6. Star Trek
7. Public Enemies
8. The Hangover
9. Paranormal Activity
10. This is It
11. Julie & Julia
12. Kimmy Dora
13. Knowing
14. Orphan
15. Bride Wars
16. The Proposal
17. (500) Days of Summer
18. Monsters vs. Aliens
19. G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra
20. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

UP remained to be my favorite movie this year beating another favorite, Avatar. Don’t throw stones at me yet, Avatar did manage to capture my attention with its eye-candy effects and almost real-to-life imageries, while having Disney-like storyline I would therefore prefer UP.

An exceptionally beautiful movie, mixed with great voice-actors and an overwhelming plot. UP delivers the most heart-felt movie without suffering from being a funny and cute movie. As the first animated film to open the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, UP grossed over $702.8 million, it is Pixar’s second highest grossing film worldwide after Finding Nemo.

AVATAR grossed an estimated $232,180,000 on its opening weekend, the ninth-largest opening-weekend gross of all time, and the largest for a non-franchise, non-sequel and original film. An extraordinary film that gives the same thrilling effect as I first watched Titanic and even Star Wars.
Inglourious Basterds, Watchmen, District 9, Star Trek, and Public Enemies deliver beautiful special effects and much better storyline from its colleagues.

INGLOURIUS BASTERDS is discreetly funny and fun to watch (just don’t mind the misspelled title). This Quentin Tarantino film is set in German-occupied France tells the story of two plots to assassinate the Nazi political leadership, one planned by a young French Jewish cinema proprietress, the other by a team of American soldiers called the “Basterds” — considered to be the greatest Tarantino film to date.

Underrated films, Watchmen and District 9 were all misunderstood but, hey, I love them.

WATCHMEN is set in an alternate-history 1985 at the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, as a group of mostly retired vigilantes investigates an apparent conspiracy against them and uncovers something even more grandiose and sinister. Though it can be associated with some of Stanley Kubrick’s films’ odds and bizarres, the combined sound, images and characters combine a very thrilling experience that evokes the feel of the graphic novel. It is currently the fifth highest grossing R-rated film of 2009, behind The Hangover, Inglourious Basterds, District 9, and Paranormal Activity (while Watchmen’s budget was over 8,000 times that of Paranormal Activity).

DISTRICT 9 deals with the issues of xenophobia and social segregation. The title and premise of District 9 were inspired by events that took place in District Six, Cape Town during the apartheid era. District 9 also introduced viral marketing to the next level.

Through STAR TREK, JJ Abrams prove once more that there’s no stopping from being a fantard of making this film possible has become the highest-grossing film in the Star Trek series and is credited by the media as a reboot of the series.

PUBLIC ENEMIES, a surprising and thrilling movie the true story of Bureau of Investigation agent Melvin Purvis ‘ attempt to stop criminals John , , Baby Face Nelson, and Pretty Boy Floyd. An adaptation of Bryan Burrough’s non-fiction book Public Enemies: America’s Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933–34.

THE HANGOVER is about four friends who travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, only to wake up the next morning not remembering a thing and missing the groom, whose wedding is scheduled to occur the next day. A step-up funny movie with most funny dialogues is as funny as the actors. This gives me a reason to love 50 Cents’ Candy Shop through The Dan Band once more.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY levels with The Blair-Witch Project but seemingly outdone it through its inimitable storytelling mockumentary style.

THIS IS IT is a final look of Michael Jackson’s routine of its last concert tour, “This Is It” before he died.

JULIE & JULIA, BRIDE WARS, THE PROPOSAL, and even the Pinoy flick KIMMY DORA tickled my funny bone while KNOWING and ORPHAN are good underrated sci-fi and suspense movies of the year.

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER, MONSTERS vs. ALIENS, G.I. JOE: RISE OF COBRA and TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN were all great only if they were all overrated movies, well, minus Monsters which I find more amusing but fell short to (500).


5 Comments Add yours

  1. ianthecool says:

    Hmm, the first 10 of your list are great choices. I didn’t like Public Enemies that much, but otherwise its similar to my list.

    Also, what did you mean when you said District 9 was misunderstood? People loved that movie.

    1. joshoncreek says:

      Well, District 9 is misunderstood for some because it has an anti-climatic ending, and being a B-movie they always thought of low quality movie.

      But I like D-9 a lot, and hoping to win against Avatar (which seems to be impossible).

  2. the action sequence on the revenge of the fallen is really top notch. the graphics alone is great .:.

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