Who’s watching the Watchmen?

It’s a hot Saturday afternoon last March 7 as our anticipation also rises as we are about to watch Watchmen.

Some friends gathered at Cinema 1, Megamall at 3:10pm. Waited.

After watching it, here are some of the positive points:

  • The plot is not presented as most other superhero/comic-based movies that * usually spread the cards and tell which are the heroes and antiheroes.
  • It has an anticlimactic ending.
  •  It has no clichÉ epic battle of good versus evil.
  • It presented its uniqueness in a way that every move of the characters are close to real-life, unlike others that used visually enticing eye candy effects but lack substance.

And here are the negative parts:

  • Lots of gory parts.
  • Unwanted scenes that not helped the progress of the plot.

Overall, I believe the director wanted it to be a film-noir, and agree that it achieved its purpose. Well, some people might be disappointed with the some of its goriness, but still, I think its just a matter of comprehension and appreciation as well.

And being translated into a movie, it should be considered that they would make some of the scenes from the comic book as over-the-top. And we cannot disagree with the director/producers as they wanted to create an ass-kicking movie.

I agree with a friend that it made The Dark Knight looked a bed-time story movie.


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