The 1 vs. 100 Experience

I got a text from ABS-CBN Interactive that they are inviting me to attend the screening for the 1 vs. 100 as a MOB or THE ONE.

I texted Bernce for the good news. Bernce replied back, “Ayos!”

I informed my officemate. They replied, “Galing!”

I informed my brother. He replied, “Ayos! Galing!”

[Lost Time]

I informed my boss that I will be absent the next morning. He replied with a laugh.

6:00pm to 6:00am of September 5

September 5, 2007, Wednesday

Woke up with a bright smile and a thundering stomachache

[Lost time]

I’m off to ABS-CBN wondering if I could pass or not.

Fell in line, being seprated from the girls (which makes makes it easy for me.. hehe…)

Entered the ABS-CBN compound and fell in line again to fill out the basic information sheet.

Got my sheet and headed straight to Studio 4.

Fell in line again outside Studio 4 because we have to wait for the first batch to finish (Yes, we are on the second batch)

Got inside Studio 4, which is also the set of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal. The place is small compared to what we see on TV. I sat right in front of where the 26K dance and stand. I sat on the exact middle part of teh stage near the stairs (that means i’m in front of everybody)

We have our examination. 30 items for 6 minutes! My gawd! The exam killed every nerve brain in my head! haha! Who would have known the 1973 Miss Universe or the Tagalog term for gecko! haha! at least nasagot ko ng tama yan kahit halo-halo na laman ng utak ko by that time…

Those who passed the exam went directly to FINGER SCANNING! and yes, the girls got fingered there.. nyahahaha! Bastos!

We went straight ahead to Studio 2, where the 1 vs. 100 studio is situated, and fill-out another form. Di ko na binasa yung mecahnics ng game.. hahaha! bad!

I was told to have a lunch break and went back for the interview. Yung mga kasabay ko pinauwi, tawagan na lang sila kung kelan ang taping…. ahehehe…. at least ako surefire na member na ako ng MOB at 50-50 chances of becoming THE ONE… YABANG! lolz

[Lost Time]

I was interviewed and asked if I am jolly and be able to catch up with Edu’s wit.. and I said, “Yes”. End of interview.. nyahahaha!

I went home. I phoned Bernce and I found myself talking for 15minutes. hahahaha! naubos load ko kay lolo bernce! nyahahaha!


SIDE NOTES. Nakita ko si Charrie Villa(ata?), the head of their news gathering(ata uli?), as she talks to the phone giggling aloud.

Tina Monson-Palma, such a great and nice lady. even she doesn’t say a word, i can sense she is that nice!

I saw Mr. M (Johnny Manahan) from afar, right outside the Wowowee studio.

KRIS AQUINO! I was starstrucked when we met her in the hallway. As usual, maingay sya at guess what kung sinong ka-chikahan nya sa dressing room, —-

BOY ABUNDA! nyahahaha! parang gusgusin si Boy in person! hahaha! pero i think he’s nice naman eh.. hahaha!

The person who play Kokey! I saw him kasi dun sa isang part ng compaound, nagshu-shooting ang Kokey, then comes out this unano… I knew it!  He’s kokey…  kasi yun lang naman ang pwedeng gawin ng unano na yuns a set eh… to play kokey! Yehey! natuwa ako sa sarili ko habang pinagmamasadan syang nangyo-yosi with matching bulging eyebags…


BOTTOM LINE. I got interviewed to become THE ONE, and i have 50-50 chance of becoming one and a 100% assurance of playing as part of THE MOB. I just wait for their confirmation kung kelan ang taping! yehey!


PS. Buti na lang ansagot ko yung isang question dun:

“Ano ang meaning ng “A” sa ABS-CBN?”

I answered it with full confidence, “Alto”


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