An open letter to my CIS 108 Class (BSHRM, BSBM, BSCS, and ADCT)

The nearly 5 months we gathered on the six-cornered (yes, six not four! “L”-shape ‘yun, right?) room of 107 reminds me of memories that we had shared, memories of the past that I will always look back. Thank you for those wonderful memories. Those will be kept and always be remembered.

I wish you’d know how I would miss the noise occupying the room. The drowning laughter that made me feel better. The giggles and teases that made me feel younger.

Thank you for understanding such schizophrenic instructor like me. For attentively listening to my discussions. For laughing to all of my jokes. For keeping in mind all the hearty talks. For irritatingly answering my Harry Potter and bonus questions. At least you remember Buckbeak more than anything. Thank you so much.

I know I became mean to you sometimes. Sorry if I got mad and shouted at you. It was an instinct. It was a way of relieving stress after all you had given me. I am deeply sorry for my Friday 9-12 class (BSHRM), alam niyo na yun….

I am sorry if we didn’t get what we projected I told you the first meeting we had. Yeah, we sometimes blame on the PC we used but come to think of this, Albert Einstein wasn’t using computer then but still a genius. It was in the attitude and the way you take your responsibilities as a student.

In behalf of our department and from the college, I apologize for the unsatisfactory situation of our lab. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t learned anything, right?

Unedited and unaltered, this is a letter I suppose to give you after our final exam but due to time constraints and budget issues, I didn’t able to hand it to you. I decided to wait for the right time, and it has come.

I would like to clear that this is my personal view of the situation and has nothing to do why I left the institution. I didn’t mean to hurt any party by this letter (just in case).

All I want is to tell it to your face that, “hey, it’s been a year and I still miss you”. They are right, “once a teacher always be one”. Even I have my own different career now, and the most likely job I want, I’d still want to reach my hand and guide you to the extent of what I can give.

So for now, good luck and live life to the fullest. Bawal makalimot. Ang makalimot, ii-impeach.



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